The valuation

Initially, the value of a catalytic converter is judged by the reference number printed on the catalytic converter. Is there no longer a reference number on the catalytic converter? No problem. Then we can perform an analysis at your location or at our location with our XRF Spectrometer.

The analysis with the XRF spectrometer

With the XRF spectrometer, materials analyzed turn into. This way the quality is preserved and we know exactly how much precious metals your catalyst contains. During the analysis you can watch our experts so that you immediately know where you stand.

The ultimate value of your catalytic converter

After we have determined how much precious metals your catalyst contains, it is weighed on our mobile scale. The content is then entered into our database, after which the value of your catalyst is calculated on the basis of the daily price on the stock exchange. Do you agree? Then we immediately proceed to payment.

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