Catalyst Recycling

Why catalyst recycling?

There are several reasons why it is worth recycling your catalytic converter. One of these is the importance for the environment. In a catalytic converter you will find various precious metals that can be recycled. These are palladium, rhodium and platinum. Recycling these precious metals has a positive effect on the environment because they no longer need to be extracted.

This makes the precious metals very expensive. You, as a customer, can still receive a sum of money if you sell your catalytic converter. Catalyst Recycling Benelux takes care of it based on a valuation to receive an attractive amount for the precious metals and then recycle it.

What can you contact us for?

You can do business with Katalysator Recycling Benelux in various ways.

  1. Sell your catalyc converter
    Whether you have one or more catalytic converters: you can contact Katalysator Recycling Benelux at any time. We are not only there for you if you have a large batch, but also if you only have a single catalytic converter. You can submit these in the way you wish and we will ensure that the payment is arranged immediately.
  2. Sale of Ceramic Monolith

    In addition to palladium, rhodium and platinum, a catalyst or stirred filter also contains monolith. You can also sell these to us at an attractive price.

    Our ball mill processes up to 1000 kg of monolith per session. For example, we can process up to 5000 kg of monolith on one working day.

Recycle your old catalytic converter?

Do you want to recycle your old catalytic converter? Please feel free to contact Katalysator Recycling Benelux. We ensure that you receive a fair price for your old catalytic converter.