About us

Catalyst Recycling Benelux was founded in February 2020 by Jan Klokgieter and Angenet Gerrits. However, the entire process started earlier: it started with an extensive research into the market and the materials. How can we recycle the materials as sustainably as possible? And how do we distinguish ourselves from the competition?

You are central to us

You, as a customer of Katalysator Recycling Benelux, are central to us. We try to offer as much service and convenience as possible so that you can work with us in a pleasant way. That is why we think it is important that we have different delivery methods for your materials.

Fair, transparent prices

Honesty and transparency are important core values ​​of our company. We believe that customers are entitled to fair and attractive prices: that is why we always check the current daily prices.

Fast processing

Fast processing is something that is very important to us. If you have catalytic converters, we will ensure that you can contact us. After the valuation and possible analyse, we immediately arrange the payment.